Progressive Muscle Relaxation: 12 Minute Guided Practice


Tense and Release: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Oftentimes we are so wired into our stressful routines that we don’t even notice how tense our bodies are. The goal of this exercise is to help you distinguish between the tense and relaxed state of muscles in your body and to gradually train your body to let go of the tension.


Diaries of a Mindfulness Practitioner: Starting Over Every Step of the Way

In this series I will write down some of my experiences of the 9-month mindfulness training with Mindfulness Association. In part it’s for myself to take note of the bigger bumps on the road during this journey as well as ink the reflections on learning that may be useful going further. Nevertheless a casual reader may resonate with my experience, be encourage to reflect on their own or simply find some value in it. Continue reading “Diaries of a Mindfulness Practitioner: Starting Over Every Step of the Way”

Yearly Dose of Inspiration: ENYSSP Has Done it Again

Wow, time does fly… This was already my 6th ENYSSP Conference! Yet I am as excited as that first time in Jyväskylä in 2011. Reflecting back on my years of participation I am amazed to witness, how ENYSSP has encouraged and supported young people with a cautious dream of becoming a sport psychology specialist to pursue their dream with confidence. Continue reading “Yearly Dose of Inspiration: ENYSSP Has Done it Again”

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